TOM Society 2013

TOM Conference 2014

University of Southern Denmark, 6-8 June 2014


The TOM Society

TOM stands for Theoretical Organizational Models. We are a group of scholars who believe that models should be the heart of Organization Theory. For a number of years, we have met twice yearly in European cities like Barcelona and Oxford. After the last meeting at NYU in New York, the conference is now held in Odense, Denmark, for the first time.



Keynote presentations


Maximization, Learning and Economic Behavior

Ido Erev (Technion) 



Discussants: Dan Levinthal (Wharton), Stephan Billinger (U. of Southern Denmark)




The Tangled Nature Model: Evolution and Organization

Rudy Arthur (U. of Southern Denmark) 



Discussants: Luigi Marengo (LUISS Rome), Nils Stieglitz (Frankfurt School of Finance & Management)  




Sequential Dynamical Systems

Christian Reidy (U. of Southern Denmark)



Discussants: Jerker Denrell (Warwick), Dima Volchenkov (U. of Bielefeld)




Experimental Work on Multi-Level Adaptation

Michael Christensen (U. of Southern Denmark) 



Discussant: Chengwei Liu (Warwick)




Using Category Theory to Model Adaptive Processes

Jürgen Jost (MPI for Mathematics in the Sciences)



Discussants: Massimo Warglien (U. Ca' Foscari), Gael Le Mens (U. Pompeu Fabra)






Acceleration of Time and Hypercompetition as the Key Factors of Evolution and Sustainable Development

Dima Volchenkov

A Topological Decomposition of Network
Fenix Wenda Huang
Influence of Trust and Misrepresentation on Profitability in Competitive Settings
Murali Swamy
Limits to the Wisdom of Crowds
Felipe Csaszar
Linear Sequential Dynamic Systems
Ricky  Xiaofeng Chen
Neither Rude Nor Polite: Systematic Errors in Age Guessing
Ulrik Nash
The Roles of Giant Clusters in Knowledge Diffusion and Recombination
Jeho Lee
When is Tougher Selection Worse?
Jerker Denrell, Chengwei Liu, Gael Le Mens

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