The aim of Experimental Organization Science (EOS) is to further the use of experimental methods to study human behavior in social organizations. Examples include processes where two or more agents are involved in decisions, learning, or search processes.  


In this space, experimentalists that wish to study organizations may obtain inspiration and share ideas around topics such as:

• Tutorials relating to web experiments with m-turk, xtribe, and more

• Interfaces for computer-based lab-experiments

• Data storage and accessibility

• Best practices

• References to interesting work

• Workshop announcements


Yearly EOS workshop

EOS was inaugurated October 4-5, at a Workshop organized by Prof. Nils Stieglitz at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. Leading experimentalists presented ideas that allowed us to take stock of current insights from laboratory and natural experiments for organization science and design, to explore their future potential, and to promote and coordinate joint work.  The yearly EOS workshop is by invitation only.

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