The Strategic Organization Design Unit (SOD) is a pillar of the Danish Institute for Advanced Study (DIAS) located in Odense, Denmark.

Three topics provide the rough contours of the relevant map for research in Strategic Organization Design: 


  • The aggregation problem: How do micro-processes influence the macro-behavior of organizations? 
  • How does multi-level adaptation enable organizations to succeed in dynamic environments?  
  • The strategic design problem: Strategic organization of search, learning and innovation in organizations comprising multiple agents and levels.

    We define a focused agenda that addresses some of the unsolved research questions suggested by these three topics. Presently, our field has little knowledge about the way organization design can help firms profit from well-structured interaction. Our research aims to fill this gap by redirecting effort towards theoretical and empirical work that uncovers the relation between organization design and performance, both in static and dynamic environments. 

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