The Strategic Organization Design Unit aspires to excel in research and inspire enthusiastic scholarship. 

The SOD unit is one of the founding units of DIAS - the Danish Institute for Advanced Study. 

From the beginning of time to our time - curiosity driven research 

The Danish Institute for Advanced Study came to life at the University of Southern Denmark in May 2011 as the first of its kind among the Nordic countries. It was founded by Prof. Francesco Sannino, Prof. Thorbjørn Knudsen and Prof. David Nye.

The units of DIAS have the common vision of advancing the free pursuit of knowledge allowing ideas to emerge beyond a single research field creating the foundation for lasting innovation and economic growth DIAS has the ambition to lead the future paradigm shifts in the way humanity understands the universe, organisations and cultures around us.

The current units are:

Universe: Origins and evolution of the universe and its fundamental interactions 

Organisation: Origins and evolution of social organisations 

DIAS will have  a very active visitor program, a strong focus on talent development of young researchers, and its researchers are expected to work on game-changing ideas.

New ways of thinking

DIAS is a center for theoretical research and initially it unites outstanding research groups that will foster synergy between the sciences and humanities allowing new ideas to emerge. The union and fast communication of ideas among research groups allows for the construction of a novel fellowship among the DIAS scientists and the further increase of competitiveness and global recognition.

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