Ulrik William Nash


Ulrik W. Nash obtained his Ph.d at SDU in May 2013, and has been Assistant Professor there since September, 2013. Ulrik’s research can be broadly stated under the heading of correlated expectations. This concept emphasizes that expectations are knowledge in the form of hypotheses, which have the potential to change as individuals interact with their environment, and which have the tendency to become similar among people who share surroundings. Ulrik’s research partitions in two, the first partition concerns how expectations are formed by individuals, and why individuals correct their expectations. The second partition concerns how expectations among individuals aggregate and how this may affect decision making based on popular judgment. Ulrik’s primary effort is to demonstrate that aggregation outcomes are not inevitably aligned with the objective truth, but are dependent on the structure of information in the environment, and on the probabilistic use of that information. This has normative implications for group formation, group interaction, and strategic organization designs.


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