Do you want to experience organizational research AND earn money at the same time? Then it's time to participate in an experiment. Researchers of the Strategic Organization Design Unit conduct experiments on how people in organizations make decisions and solve problems. For example, they study how teams coordinate their efforts to solve a joint task, or how communication structures affect the quality of decisions in organizations. 

The experiments take place in a computer lab at the University of Southern Denmark (, and we are always looking for participants. The experiments typically last 1 hour and offer you an opportunity to make extra money and win attractive prizes. (To be precise, the experiments have varying payment schemes. While all participants receive a basic show-up fee such as a cafeteria voucher, most experiments also have a performance-based component or lottery-based payment component.)

If you want to become a member of the pool of participants, you can sign up here ( You will be added to an email list and be informed about upcoming experiments.
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