Franziska Lauenstein


Franziska Lauenstein is Assistant Professor at the Strategic Organization Design Unit. Franziska’s research interests lie at the intersection of strategy and organization design. Particularly, Franziska is interested in how firms can be organized to effectively guide individual behavior in changing environments. She studies micro-foundations of organizational learning and adaptation. Franziska mainly approaches this, using laboratory experiments.
From 2019-2021 Franziska worked as a Postdoc in Oliver Baumann DFF project on “Controlling Innovation in Complex Organizations”. Before Franziska received her PhD in Management from the University of Hamburg in 2019. During her PhD, she spent a few months visiting Gaël Le Mens at Universitat Pompeu Fabra in 2019 and Stephan Billinger at the University of Southern Denmark in 2017. Prior to starting her PhD, Franziska accomplished her master’s degree in Strategy and Organization at SDU in 2015.


Working Papers and Work-in-Progress:


“Incentives, Attention and Search” with Stephan Billinger (Experiment with Eye Tracking)
“Peer Performance Feedback, Self-Enhancement and Exploration” with Oliver Baumann and Daniel Newark (Experiment)
 “Categories, Generalization and Exploration” with Thomas Woiczyk and Gaël Le Mens (Model and Experiment)
“Sugarcoating and Exploration in Decentralized Organizational Structures” with Oliver Baumann and Thorsten Wahle (Experiment)

For more information check Franziska's PURE profile.



University of Southern Denmark

Department of Marketing and Management

Campusvej 55

5230 Odense M



Phone: (+45) 6550 3229

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